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How Do You Landscape a Yard with Trees in Audubon, PA? Tree Species, Location & More

Many people find that the best time of the year to think about landscaping changes to their property is the winter season. This is because they are able to find the time to make plans and set a budget for the year. When you’re planning your landscaping design, you are more than likely going to want to see some trees worked into the design. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to share some tips to help you successfully fit beautiful trees into your landscape design.

How Should Trees Be Located in a Landscape Plan

When you put trees into your landscape, it is an investment that you want to make sure you get right. When you do it right, you can enjoy those trees for decades to come. Here are some tips to make sure you’re successful:
– Pick the Right Trees: Before you choose trees for your landscape design, you want to make sure you’re choosing trees that will thrive in your area. Finding species that are native to the area is going to be your best bet at successfully growing your trees. You don’t want to choose trees that you love only to find that they aren’t able to live in your area.
– Place Them Right: When you are deciding what type of trees to choose for your property, think about where you are going to place them. Depending on where you are placing the tree, you may have to rethink the type of tree you choose. Some surroundings will provide different conditions that will allow certain species to thrive while others might struggle.
– Plant with a Purpose: Think about why you are choosing the trees that you’re choosing for your landscaping. Some may want trees that will provide colorful flowering and others will be looking for trees that give them fruit. There are also homeowners that might have shade in mind when they choose trees or are choosing trees for privacy as well.
– Consider Long Term Care: When you first plant a tree, that is only the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. Not only do you need to make sure they are planted correctly, but you will need to care for them moving forward as well. Tree care goes far beyond simply planting the tree. Knowing how to care for an maintain them will help your trees last and thrive in their new home. It will also help you protect your investment when you care for them properly.

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If you are planning your landscape design and are incorporating trees, you can turn to Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to help you care for your new trees so that you can enjoy your trees as they thrive on your property. It is our goal to make sure your trees are happy and healthy. Call us today!

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