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Is it Bad to Let Ivy Grow on Trees in Lafayette Hill, PA? What Problems Can English Ivy Cause?

While English Ivy might be one of the most beautiful ground covers found in nature, it also can be incredibly damaging to trees. English Ivy is considered an incredibly invasive plant by most gardener’s definitions. It can quickly take over your yard if it is left to its devices. There is hardly a surface it is not able to climb including your stone house, fences, and trees. When you see English Ivy growing up the trunk of a tree, it can be a beautiful sight. However, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to talk about why it isn’t something you should allow to happen to your trees.

There are Non Invasive Ivy

We need to start out by saying that not all ivy is invasive. There are some types of Ivy including Virginia creeper, cross vine, and American wisteria that are beautiful and not considered to be invasive. In fact, many of these types of ivy can be great for pollinators and even offer berries to feed the birds in the area.

Why are Invasive Ivy Species Dangerous?

Most people know exactly what English Ivy looks like because of the glossy green leaves and lighter veins running through each of them. It doesn’t really matter how beautiful it is though, when you have an invasive plant growing like Ivy, it can harm the other plants in your landscaping as well as your home and your beautiful trees. Invasive plants like Ivy have the ability to choke out other neighboring plants. This plant is an Evergreen and continues to grow even in the winter time. Once it has taken over your yard, it can be difficult to remove.

How Does Ivy Damage Trees?

While a little bit of Ivy growing up the trunk of a tree seems innocent enough, it can quickly take over and cause extensive damage to the tree. Some of the ways it can harm trees include:
– Climbing & Covering: Many people choose English Ivy in their landscaping because it can quickly cover a space with a beautiful green blanket. It can also climb and cover your trees though. Ivy usually climbs up trees in an effort to seek sunlight. The vine is heavy though and can weigh down trees and causes damage as the vine pierces the bark.
– Sucks Tree Nutrients: As the Ivy climbs up the trunk of the tree in search for sunlight, it will also be sucking nutrients out of the soil around the tree. As Ivy gets so dense it makes it so that the tree can’t get the sunlight it needs to survive as well.
– Ivy Covers Tree Problems: If your tree has problems, it can be hard to see those problems through thick English Ivy vines.

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If you have a tree that has sustained significant damage from English Ivy, it could be no longer safe to have on your property. English Ivy can weaken a tree so severely that even a small storm can blow it over. Call on the arborists at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to come and remove any damaged trees on your property. Call us today!

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