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What Happens if You Cut a Tree Down & Leave the Stump in Saint Davids, PA?

Most homeowners will experience tree removal at some point. Sometimes the tree will have died for some reason, perhaps there was some storm damage, or the placement of the tree might be dangerous. Whatever the reason, after you remove a tree there is always a stump left behind. Before you consider just leaving it, we would like to point out some problems with that. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to talk about why you should avoid leaving a tree stump after removing a tree from your property.

Why Should You Remove Tree Stumps?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider removing a tree stump after cutting down a tree.
– Continued Tree Growth: Just because you have cut down a tree doesn’t mean that the stump is dead. In fact, many trees continue to grow even after they have been cut down. The last thing you want is the roots underneath the ground to continue to grow and wrap themselves around pipes or make their way to your foundation which can cause damage. Not only will the roots continue to grow either; you might find that new shoots start growing around the old tree stump as well. And for multi-trunked tree starts to grow in place of your old tree, it can be even more difficult to remove.
– Pest Problems: If wood destroying insects are a problem in your area, you definitely don’t want to leave tree stumps behind. Most homeowners know how much damage termites can cause to their property. If you leave an old tree stump in your property, there is a greater chance that termites will find your property appealing. Once they have eaten their way through a tree stump, they will make their way to your home.
– Tree Stump Trip Hazards: Depending on the location of your tree stump, it can become a real hazard for those maneuvering their way through your property. You might find yourself forgetting that it’s there and tripping over it. You will also have to continue to mow your lawn around the tree stump which can be obnoxious.
– Yard Aesthetics: Many people understand how important it is to have good curb appeal. Leaving behind unsightly tree stumps will definitely damper your home’s curb appeal. The longer a tree stump is left behind, the more unsightly it will start to look. If you are considering selling your home anytime in the near future, your home’s curb appeal should be at the forefront of your mind.

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If you have an old tree that has become a problem on your property, you can turn to the arborists at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to remove it for you. Not only will we remove the tree, but we also provide stump removal services as well. We have the training and expertise to take care of your trees with ease. Call us today!

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