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What is the Best Layout to Plant Trees in Wayne, PA? Selecting Right Tree Species & More

When planting trees in your front or backyard, there is more to do than just digging a hole and looking around for a good spot. When planting a tree you want to find the right spot which may not always align with your original ideas. Trees grow and when they do, they can become a valuable asset or a hazard. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will share some of the major considerations when buying and planting a tree.

Selecting the Right Tree Species

When choosing the right tree, it is not always best on how the tree looks. It is important to pick the right tree that will thrive in your yard. You will want to choose a tree that can live in your environment. Trees are important and are sold from everywhere and many of those trees you may find at the nursery actually do not do well in the state of Pennsylvania. Trees that do grow well here still require certain conditions to be just right. For example, some trees need full or partial sunlight. Some trees need well drained soil and some require super saturated soil. Make sure to get a tree that can live in your environment and will receive the proper amount of sunlight and water.

How Do I Decide where to Put My Tree?

After finding the right tree, the next major consideration is where to plant the tree. When buying a tree know how big they tend to grow. Different species of tree will have their own size and shape. Know how tall and how wide the canopy can get. You will want to make sure to give the tree plenty of growing room. Additionally, make sure the tree will not grow into the home, other structures or other trees. You do not want a tree going in to the side of your home and causing damages to the roof. You will also want to avoid having the tree’s canopy growing into power lines. However, it is not just what is above ground that is the only concern, but underground as well. You will also want to know the tree’s root system. Different species of tree will have their own unique root system. Some roots grow down while other roots remain shallow and grow outward. Make sure the roots will not damage the foundation of the home and will not damage sewer lines.

Think About Shade when Planting Trees

Trees are often planted to provide shade to certain areas of the yard. If you want to plant a tree to provide natural shade, you will need to think about the sun. As the sun moves, so will the shade cast by the tree. Due to the sun’s position, the shade from the tree will point toward the north and move from west to east. It is important to know how the shadow of the tree will move to ensure you get the desired shade from the tree.

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Not only will you need to know where to plant a tree and which species of tree is best, you will also need to know how to plant your tree properly. Luckily, you don’t have to do everything. A professional tree service can help in every aspect of planting a tree. For tree planting and much more, contact Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service today.

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