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What is the Danger of Overgrown Trees in Upper Merion Township, PA? Pests, Disease & More

When you have a tree that is overgrown you may think it is just an aesthetic flaw. However, the reality is that an overgrown tree can become a serious hazard and or threat. Tree overgrowth often refers to the tree canopy where too many branches and leaves are making the canopy very thick and dense. Depending on the location of the tree, tree overgrowth can threaten the home, parked cars, and even people that may happen to pass underneath them. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service would like to break down some of the major issues of an overgrown tree.

Tree Overgrowth Hides Pest Activity

When the tree canopy is very thick or overgrown, a number of pests can hide and feed in the tree. Pest activity can go unnoticed when the tree is overgrown. Pests that go unchecked can kill a tree within a very short period of time. The Emerald Ash Borer will leave distinctive bore holes in the tree. If the tree canopy is too dense you will not notice the pest activity until the tree starts to die. There are other pests that will invade trees and even work their way into your home. To help monitor for pest activity, you want to avoid having overgrown trees and be sure to keep your tree canopy trimmed and properly pruned.

Signs of Diseases are Covered By Tree Overgrowth

Just like pest activity, tree overgrowth can hide signs of tree disease. A tree may appear very healthy, but as disease affects the trees, over time the tree will become weaker and weaker and go beyond the point of recovery. To fight of a disease, time is key. When a disease affects a tree, often signs will appear on the tree’s bark and trunk. Other problems such as mold and fungus can also develop on the tree’s bark. They will appear to be a black dust or fluffy white cotton balls on the tree’s bark. However, if the tree has a lot of branches and leaves, you will not be able to see disease killing your tree. Diseased branches can be quickly removed to give the tree a better chance of survival.

Tree Overgrowth Weight Can Be Damaged By Wind

When a tree becomes overgrown, its canopy will become very heavy and dense. A tree can develop so much weight in the canopy that branches can suddenly break and come falling down to the ground. Whatever is under the branch will be damaged, if not injured. A branch will only be able to handle so much weight before the branch gives way. By trimming the smaller branches, you reduce the weight the branch needs to hold up and allow for healthier development. Another danger of overgrowth is wind. When the canopy becomes full of leaves, the tree can act like a sail. Branches will fall or the entire tree may fall over during windy days. An overgrown tree can pose a major threat, especially during windy days.

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When a tree becomes overgrown, there is a lot of issues and dangers. An overgrown tree needs to be trimmed and pruned to ensure safety of the home and property as well as sthe health of the tree. For quality tree services contact Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service today.

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