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What Tree Species Damage Foundations in Penn Valley, PA? Emergency Removal of Oak, Poplar, Ash & Maple Trees

The trees on your property are going to bring beauty like nothing else. Many homes that have mature trees will often sell for a higher price than those that have no trees because of the lack of curb appeal. However beautiful trees may be, they can be damaging to a home if they are planted too close to the house. Something that is often leaving homeowners scratching their heads is the fact that not all trees will cause damage to foundations. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about why some trees cause more damage to foundations than others.

How Tree Roots Damage Foundations

When you have a tree planted too close to your home, it could end up causing problems as the tree gets older. As beautiful as the tree may be, you don’t want it to mess with the structural integrity of your home. When there are small cracks found in your home’s foundation, it can allow a tree root that is looking for water to burst into that crack and cause significant damage. The tree’s roots can grow through, under and in between a foundation that can leave a home’s structure that leaves it unstable and in trouble.

Tree Species That Are Most Destructive

There are some trees that are more destructive to home’s and their foundations than others. Some trees have a weaker root system that doesn’t have the ability to bust through concrete. Others are aggressive and will do whatever they need to in order to survive. Following are some of the most destructive tree species out there.
– Oak: You can thank oak trees for making up nearly 11% of the damage to homes and their foundations in the US. They have a shallow and fast growing root system that can be especially damaging to foundations.
– Poplar: While all poplar trees have a shallow and fast growing root system, the white poplar variety is going to be the worst. They are notorious for chocking the pipes of sewer lines.
– Ash: These trees get as high as 30 feet tall and have aggressive roots that will grow towards any source of nutrients which is often your home.
– Maple: Norway maple and silver maple trees have a large root system that is very shallow. They don’t only cause damage to your home, but they can actually become a tripping hazard as their roots are often seen above the ground.

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If you have a tree that is too close to your home and you’re worried that it is going to cause damage to your foundation, you can turn to Tree Craft Tree Service to remove it for you. We know how important it is to keep your home safe and are trained in removing problematic trees. We will not only remove it but take care of the stump as well. Call us today!

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